What Are The Disadvantages of an Inversion Table

Workout’s for meant for everyone and there is no human being who is invincible. Everyone needs to work out half an hour on a daily basis. According to the UK health department said that the age does not matter when it comes to working out for stay fit.

There are many types of equipment for different age groups, and you can try many fitness types of equipment which are meant to strength your health in one or other way. Many people are focusing on building bodies that can give them a good physic and incredible strength.

If you are not the type of bodybuilder, then you can workout to stay fit, and you can do that with a little dedication and passion. Have you ever came across a fitness program or a therapy called “Inversion Table.” If yes, then you know that there are many benefits you can get when using an Inversion Table. However, there is also a downside of the machine which is something you should be learning about because it helps you to decide whether you should go for it or not.

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What Are The Disadvantages of an Inversion Table

If you are going to use an inversion table for your regular workout, then it would be cool, but there are downsides which you need to know because it will help you understand the exercise limits and also assist you to make a better judgment.

Let’s get started.

An Inversion Table is For?

If you are a person with Obese or Pregnant, then you can consult your doctor before you can workout on it. An Inversion Table is not for everyone because the exercise will put on an unusual state and it can cause issues for you later down time, so you better consult a doctor before your workout on an inversion table.

Eyes Are Affected?

There are people with eye diseases like retinal detachment, retinal detachment, and another disease should consult an eye doctor first then consider using it. The reason behind it that the inversion table puts a stress or pressure on your eyes that can cause irritation and other problems which are not known yet.

Disorientation Of Ear Infection

You should avoid working out on an inversion table because middle ear infection will not heal properly and also cause disorientation then pain in your ear. You should let your body heal the ear infection first then workout.

Painless Workout?

That’s not true at all. The exercise is known for putting your feet, hands and your back to fuel the workout and the amount of stress on your body parts is higher. You will feel pains in your body after the workout. The inversion therapy can also cause muscle pains as well.


As we have said that inversion table is not for everyone and you may not able to workout on it. It is recommended that you consult a doctor before working out alone without a trainer. If you have any questions and ideas to share then you can use can use the comment box below.


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