The New TRX Force Kit Tactical

Randy Hetrick, a former Navy SEAL and founder of developed the TRX suspension trainer as a means for him and his brothers-in-arms to get in and maintain peak physical condition while carrying out military operations abroad in virtually any conditions.

The TRX can be set up from any suitable overhead horizontal or vertical anchor point to instantly create a personal gym – an excellent example of the timeless saying: “necessity is the mother of invention”.


The TRX Force Kit is the tactical version of the TRX – made lighter and stronger for extreme conditions and use.

Included with The TRX Force Trainer:

The Tactical version of the TRX Trainer with specifications that surpass standards set by the military.
TRX Force guide and DVD with two real-time workouts.
The newly designed mesh storage/running bag to carry the entire kit.
A Door Anchor attachment.
An extender strap for vertical or higher anchor structures.
A new 12-week tactical training program that helps users reach the pinnacle of their physical condition.

The New TRX Force Kit Tactical Preview

So, What’s So Good About The New TRX Force Kit Tactical?

Most fitness equipment depends on weights, pulley systems or elastic for resistance. The TRX Force Kit, however, makes use of the user’s body weight and basic physics to allow a limitless range of resistance and functional motion exercises.

It is equally suitable for beginners as it is for advanced and professional athletes. It helps to develop and maintain strength, agility and endurance that is suitable even for military fitness.

If you’ve already decided to try the TRX, it’s best to get the system from the official TRX website. This way you can be sure you’re getting the best possible product and not some cheap copy version that seem to be flooding the market. TRX uses the best possible materials so people with almost any body weight can use it and use it safely.

The best part of any suspension training system is the diversity it provides, yet each of the hundreds of possible exercises are technically easy to perform. Even though the user will be challenged every step of the way since each movement requires core strength and balance, it is a very do-able program.

If you lack the core strength and balance at first, the TRX Force will help to develop these areas and maintain them while involving all the neglected muscles of regular weight or machine training programs.

Statistics from military fitness test sites show the device to help increase job performance by as much as 50% (ruck marches, PT etc). Additionally, it helps to decrease injuries by as much as 80% compared to those not using the TRX Force kits.

This is why many boot camps, military special ops teams and law enforcement agencies use TRX suspension training to improve overall fitness in their students, teams and members.

Single Anchor Point or Dual Anchor Point (Split) Designs – What’s Better?

The TRX trainers like the Pro Pack and the Force Kit are the most widely used suspension trainers on the market. This does not, however, mean that the system is preferred by everybody. Some like the dual anchor point systems better, however I’m going to tell you why I prefer the single anchor point design of the TRX.

Some believe split design models offer greater freedom and versatility. I’ve personally used both types and found the only benefit with the split design was it was more comfortable doing suspended dips and hanging knee raises. I strongly disagree on the versatility matter.

The single anchor point design is key to the TRX’s versatility and portability. With dual anchor point systems, two mounts are needed. The mounts usually need to be level and horizontal – a vertical structure will not work. If the mounting points aren’t level, the straps require more time consuming adjustment.

The TRX can be anchored to any horizontal or vertical structure that can safely support the users weight such as a tree, light post, goal post, etc simply by wrapping the anchor strap around the support structure. Any adjustments to the strap lengths can be made “on the fly”

The split design systems do offer a more stable movement, but this really does defeat the purpose of increasing core stability strength. The simple single anchor point design of the TRX is what makes it so effective. It incorporates the element of instability to strengthen the core and other stabilizing muscles – something you can’t get from free weights and machines alone. If you want more stability with the TRX when first starting out, simply widen the stance or the position of your hands on the ground.

Dual anchor suspension trainers also limit your range of motion. Because the neutral position of these systems is shoulder width apart (unlike TRX where the hands or feet start out together), any twisting movements feel unnatural. Twisting movements are integral to core development.

That concludes this review of the TRX Force Suspension Trainer – I hope you found the information useful. Have a look


at the brief video below for more information about the TRX and it’s popularity in military fitness.

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