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5 Things to Remember Before Starting with Indoor Spin Bike Workout

spin-bike-workoutWhat could be better than an amazingly comfortable upright exercise bike? The answer is simple- an indoor spin bike.

Those who have used this slim and aesthetically appealing workout equipment swear by the benefits that they receive. Spinning is the latest craze in the fitness industry and is becoming a women’s favorite as well (apart from the treadmills for home use). Spinning is one of the easiest workouts for women which provides full-body toning and slimming benefits but is fun to do at the same time. Does that mean spinning is only for women? Of course not. No matter what your gender is and what your fitness goals are, spinning will always sneak a place in your workout routine to spice it up.

Spinning is a high intensity workout that could be helpful in changing body constitution. If you are willing to decrease fat mass from the body, spinning could be very helpful for you. But before you begin, pay attention to these 5 important things about spinning that you must remember.

It’s different

Even though spinning is basically cycling, it comes with different exercise options and techniques. The bikes themselves are slimmer and make you work more with your feet, rather than your hips. For those looking for a toned and slim physique, there is nothing better than spinning. You may find indoor spin bikes in gyms but they are mostly offered in separate spin classes. Here you are taught different techniques to make your glutes work and find the best physique you have ever had.

You don’t always need choreography

Indoor spinning classes love to experiment. They have a popular move called ‘tap it back’ where you get off the seat shortly before coming back, all the while cycling with great intensity. You could also be lifting light weights, clapping and doing pushups while spinning. While they are really fun to do, they are not essential. Don’t believe that you will have to dance to an Ariana Grande number (though ‘Side to Side’ works as a perfect spinning tutorial) to get the most benefits from this equipment. Good old high intensity cycling for short durations is equally good.

Adjust the bike for maximum comfort

You don’t have to strain your muscles for getting the best workout. The seat and handlebars of the spin bike are all adjustable. Use it to get into the proper posture, incline, and height according to your build. You can talk to your trainer for providing you the perfect settings for your body type. If your muscles feel too much strain while using the spin bike, you probably have some settings wrong.

You will sweat like crazy

Typical low intensity workouts don’t make you sweat. You may feel tired after a while but you will likely not sweat too much while working on a treadmill. The indoor spin bike is completely different story. Due to its high intensity training techniques and added choreography, you will be sweating hard. It will be better to wear fitted clothes with a breathable fabric to avoid rashes or discomfort. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle to a spin class.

Don’t bounce

If your seat is adjusted in the wrong settings (like being too high) or if your resistance is too low, you will feel like you are bouncing on the saddle. If this happens with you, get off the bike and adjust the seat height and resistance. Bouncing often rips spinning off its benefits. Hence, proper seat adjustment and posture are really important. Don’t be shy to ask your trainer for help and discuss if you face any discomfort.

Spinning is fun and you could easily overdo this workout. Try to stick to a plan and ensure that you add variety to your workout schedule for the most sustenance results.

Start spinning.…

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Welcome to Fitness Culture!


Fitness Culture was created to provide a convenient and informative health and fitness resource for some of the best fitness products available.

From the fitness beginner to the seasoned athlete, there will be great information among these pages that will encourage and promote a healthy way of life as a lifelong goal.

There seems to be no end to the sheer quantity of products available online that promise to “create a new you” or “lose inches overnight”. At Fitness Culture, we will never promote fads, lemons, or scams.

We will only provide information on the stuff that works for us, our friends and our families and in turn, we think they could work for you as well.

Whether your goal is to lose a little weight to fit into your favorite jeans or to compete in a gruelling Ironman Triathlon, Fitness Culture can provide a bit of education, motivation and convenience through our articles and product recommendations.

Fitness Culture Fun Philosophy

At Fitness Culture, we believe that fitness is not just about working out and eating right, but also about trying out new things and having fun.

Let’s face it, variety and fun is absolutely essential to lifelong fitness.  If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it or at least you won’t do it for very long.

My personal health and fitness roots started way back when getting exercise and being fit was the last thing on my mind.  All I cared about was having fun like any other kid.

It was way back before there were really cool video games, computers, and high definition TV.  Mom would kick us out of the house and tell us, “Don’t come back till dinner”.

We would spend hours climbing trees, exploring ravines, and catching bugs.  If we wanted to play video games, we had to hop on our bikes and ride down to a local convenience store/laundromat with our pockets full of quarters.  As kids, we were outside all the time and always on the move.  It was never boring because there was a huge variety of activities and it was fun.

Athletics and competition were a natural result of spending your childhood running around the neighborhood playing baseball and street hockey or having massive water fights and kick-the-can marathons with the other kids.

The faster and fitter you were, the better you did and the more fun it was because you weren’t always “it”.

Further along, from my teenage years till now, I continue to have fun and enjoy physical activity and in the process learn everything I can about being active and fit.

Fitness is a part of my family life, social life, and career.  Climbing mountains, running marathons, competing in triathlons, surfing and back country hiking are just some of the fun things I love to do and share with my family and none of it happens without a certain degree of fitness.

Why Fitness Culture?

As mentioned previously, we at Fitness Culture would like to provide a convenient place for you to learn about the latest and the best products of the Fitness world.  All products on this site have been tested from personal experience or if not, recommended by friends and family.  Every product is researched thoroughly and chosen for Fitness Culture because the product, in our opinion is worth recommending for any fitness plan.

The product reviews on this site are recommendations only and links to the sales sites are affiliate links.  Any information regarding product warranties and guarantees are from the seller and not from Fitness Culture.  Please see the sellers sites for the latest information.

I hope you find the information at Fitness Culture useful and encouraging in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.  Take care and best of luck……

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What Are The Disadvantages of an Inversion Table

Workout’s for meant for everyone and there is no human being who is invincible. Everyone needs to work out half an hour on a daily basis. According to the UK health department said that the age does not matter when it comes to working out for stay fit.

There are many types of equipment for different age groups, and you can try many fitness types of equipment which are meant to strength your health in one or other way. Many people are focusing on building bodies that can give them a good physic and incredible strength.

If you are not the type of bodybuilder, then you can workout to stay fit, and you can do that with a little dedication and passion. Have you ever came across a fitness program or a therapy called “Inversion Table.” If yes, then you know that there are many benefits you can get when using an Inversion Table. However, there is also a downside of the machine which is something you should be learning about because it helps you to decide whether you should go for it or not.

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What Are The Disadvantages of an Inversion Table

If you are going to use an inversion table for your regular workout, then it would be cool, but there are downsides which you need to know because it will help you understand the exercise limits and also assist you to make a better judgment.

Let’s get started.

An Inversion Table is For?

If you are a person with Obese or Pregnant, then you can consult your doctor before you can workout on it. An Inversion Table is not for everyone because the exercise will put on an unusual state and it can cause issues for you later down time, so you better consult a doctor before your workout on an inversion table.

Eyes Are Affected?

There are people with eye diseases like retinal detachment, retinal detachment, and another disease should consult an eye doctor first then consider using it. The reason behind it that the inversion table puts a stress or pressure on your eyes that can cause irritation and other problems which are not known yet.

Disorientation Of Ear Infection

You should avoid working out on an inversion table because middle ear infection will not heal properly and also cause disorientation then pain in your ear. You should let your body heal the ear infection first then workout.

Painless Workout?

That’s not true at all. The exercise is known for putting your feet, hands and your back to fuel the workout and the amount of stress on your body parts is higher. You will feel pains in your body after the workout. The inversion therapy can also cause muscle pains as well.


As we have said that inversion table is not for everyone and you may not able to workout on it. It is recommended that you consult a doctor before working out alone without a trainer. If you have any questions and ideas to share then you can use can use the comment box below.


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