About US


It starts with you just showing up. Deliberate movements and exercises are used to analyze your current condition, and the program evolves as you progress. Intelligent planning lets us avoid any plateau effect, removing limitations and providing constant results.

You’ll be working with professional, qualified, highly vetted trainers, with years of experience and a strong commitment to the CULTUREapproach. Dedicated to continual change, we will keep it fun, while challenging your body in effective ways that produce results. The exercises are curated and the training plans personalized, ensuring that three sessions a week is all you need.

CULTURE is an urban country club, a place where you want to be. We offer real training that fits seamlessly with your lifestyle. Carving out the results you want permanently.


After years of random and unsuccessful fitness routines, Lauren entrusted Larry to design a custom program just for her. As a new client, she had her doubts. Larry’s philosophy of “lifting big to get small” seemed counterintuitive, but within weeks, Lauren found herself shrinking quickly, able to eat more, and fitting into fashion like never before.

This unique experience was an eye-opener and sparked the idea for Culture. Lauren felt that this type of training was so superior, that suddenly everything else just felt supplementary. Larry believed that every client should have their own program, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

Together they sought to create this – a place that would offer a bespoke approach to fitness. Lauren and Larry became best friends, and the support, respect and care they share extends to every client who joins Culture.